Monday, February 20, 2012

Unreachable Castle and Sunny Days

You really can't see it, but there's a castle
on the other side of the very pretty,
 but wet and sloshy field  
 Last weekend was very sunny, unexpected and extremely exciting breaking news over here. Honestly. Here is an spinet of a conversation in my kitchen to highlight what I mean:
Irish-roomie-who-got-up-early-and-played-field-hockey: "It's really nice out, sunny and warm and all"
Other-Irish-roomie-who-slept-way-in: "No! Honest?! Is that so?!?" 
And since Irish sentences go slightly up at the end anyway, when they are surprised and asking a question it goes quite quite high.

We haven't had many big plans lately so I've been hanging out enjoying Galway. Last Saturday I went to an event Amnesty Int. did for Syria.  The volunteers were really cool and it was fun to meet them. We even met someone on Shop Street who was raised in Germany, but originally from Syria with family still in Homs. The day ended on a great note of late night super macs and a best-buddy-talk sitting on the stone wall of the shopping centre (like you do).

Then last Sunday, Star and her roommates and I took full advantage of the rare sunshine and walked all over exploring the area around Galway. 
Our goal was to make it to this castle that is just chilling there being all amazing and beautiful and Irish, however the only path we could figure to get there involved not only trespassing (generally best avoided) but also walking through very-wet-marshy-style-fields (always best avoided) so we avoided that and continued to look for another way round. We couldn't find a way that didn't involved hopping fences that didn't look like they wanted to be hopped though. (And we resisted the urge to hop them anyway.)

Chilling on the roof of the ruins, with their normally neglected sunglasses  
Instead we found little ruins of a house that very much wanted to be climbed, therefore we climbed it. It was grand and we didn't even get yelled at by any of the locals who saw us. 

We then walked down the path in between the university and the river. The trees with the water and the sunshine were super duper charming.

There was a ruin of an older house called a "Folly" from the 1700s, it also looked like it very much wanted to be climbed, but then it was mean and kicked me in the shin, so I gave up. Although Star scurried right up to the top. The Folly was right across the river from the some-how-impossible-to-reach-castle, which was good for photos as well as inspiration to figure out how to actually get over there at some point.

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