Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Internship at Manna, Inc.

I'm sitting at my grown-up desk in a grown-up office at my internship, which is an unpaid-only-half-grown-up-job, but I'm very much enjoying it so far. Part of me still feels like a little kid playing dress-up-and-pretend-office-work. This is due to at least two things: as a child I did indeed play office and you would be impressed by the amount of paperwork my orphanage and/or school of dolls generated -- office supplies were exciting props to play with and they have lost almost none of their exciting sheen in my eyes. And my reflection in the mirror in even very casual business attire doesn't look the lest bit familiar. My other current jobs involve wearing either khaki, black, and green aprons or staff-shirts, long shorts, closed-toed-shoes, and french braids. I may look the part of the summer intern, but I feel like a kid with the coolest pretend job ever. And to top it all off I get to take the train into the city. I love trains. Taking the train in the morning is like a little taste of the epic adventures I've had with trains all over Europe; and it's always good to start off the workday with a tiny taste of adventure.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moving On by Light Give Heat

Light Gives Heat is a very snazzy organization that decreases world-suck and increases awesome by providing steady employment for women in Uganda and spreading their stories and beautiful products to the rest of the world. Most of my bracelets/ necklaces and purses are from Light Gives Heat and I love them all.  The products are beautiful, the stories are full of hope, and it all equals out to lots and lots of awesome.

Monday, June 4, 2012