Monday, June 4, 2012

happy post with cuteness and a camel

Currently I'm about as happy as this kid with a camel and I don't even have a camel, so imagine how happy I'd be if you gave me a camel.
Although I love Galway and enjoyed living there immensely, there are also some pretty-rockingly-cool-things about being back home in The States. Here is a list is no order whatsoever of things that make me happy to be back in the states after midnight on this fine Monday in June:
Food -- such as Chick-fila and Arbys (not healthy, but full of happiness) and mexican food! Spicy tex-mex! Spicy food in an form!!! NANDOS!!!  There is a lot of food that I appreciate 20-some-billion-degrees more after I'm separated from it for a few months.
Friends -- although there is a significant lack of old Friends reruns in my life nowadays, there are real-life-and-quite-dear-to-me-old-friends. Some of them aren't even here in Maryland or anywhere within a many-hour-range. But now that I'm on this side of the ocean I can call them and chat and not even have to worry that I'm using up my 5 euro of phone sim card credit.
Along that line, I have to ad how enormously exciting it is to have unlimited internet again. I was grateful for my 02 internet stick and it was my own cheapness which resulted in the limited internet access in reality. But you have no idea how nice it is to not have to guess how much data you have used/ have left.
Things like my mattress or the water pressure for showers never bothered me at our little house on St Brendan's Ave, but boy is it great to have my non-poky-springs-stabbing-while-you-sleep-mattress anymore and to have actual real water pressure and such. The fully and well stocked kitchen is pretty snazzy as well. More than one pan?! My goodness I feel spoiled.
Last, but certainly not least, swing dancing!! I've missed Mobtown Ballroom and all of the wonderful (and even a few of the awkward) people of Charm City Swing and being back and going dancing is pretty unbeatable. Swapping sweat with strangers in a too-hot-and-humid-room is exceedingly enjoyable when you have big band or lady gaga to swing to.
And my family is -of course- pretty marvelous to have around as well. This summer is shaping up to be very very grand, I'll keep you posted.

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