Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunshine on Galway Bay

It was remarkably sunny and warm yesterday (as well as today and the powers that be say it should continue for the rest of the week too -happydance-). So Star and I went down to the waterfront to soak up some vitamin D and read in the nice sunshine.

It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Wading in the water was great. As long as you stood still and let your feet sink into the sand it wasn't even too cold. Although the water was in fact pretty icy.

We also made couple of important discoveries while chilling in the knee-deep point of Galway Bay. First off and most exciting: that the pretty-little-blue-clam-thingy-shells that are all over the sand are skippable like a flat stone, despite the fact that they are neither stone nor particularly flat. Star was better at this shell-skipping-skill than I was, but I still got a couple or very nice skips.

Secondly and exciting in a significantly different way was our discovery  that when the tide is slowly coming in, the sand is not a particularly safe place to set one's shoes and camera. (At least not if one had some plan that involves the shoes and camera remaining, you know, dry.) This epiphany arrived at the exact perfect moment, leaving us not only with non-soaking-shoes, but also with still-working-and-not-salt-water-logged-cameras.  We were quite quite glad. And that meant we could then sit and read our library books in peace, without having to mourn our foolishness. Cause it could have been pretty sad.
After good books and nice rays of happiness from that not-too-often-seen-ball-of-glowing-burning-gas-in-the-sky, we made a yummy dinner and watched the first episode of the new Titanic mini-series by the Downton Abby guy. Then we may have possibly followed up that classy show with the oh-so-classy Gordie Shore. In case you ever wondered the Jersey Shore would not be any better at all if it was about a bunch of fake-tanned British kids instead, it might even be worse. (And it also makes you miss American TV censorship laws a little bit). 

On our way back from the water we stopped to read the poster at the end of Shop Street. It was a post from this site: about reasons to love Galway. They hit on some of the great ones like doughnuts from the St Nick's weekend market, Griffin's Bakery, walking along the Salt Hill prom and talking about great books with friends. I agree wholeheartedly. The poster/ post ends by calling Galway a little old town "that gives little, but in that gives a chance for stuff to happen in the gentlest ways". Yup yup, sounds about right. I agree and I love Galway as well.


  1. I live for your posts, dear friend. Cease not thy blogging!!

    1. Thanks so much! Who's screen name is Banlasa? ^_^