Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Joys of Moving in July

There are a few things that I would generally advise against and strongly encourage you to avoid.
Such as: stepping on an upside-down pin cushion, eating a twizzler dipped in nacho cheese, moving in July.
Particularly moving in July in Maryland.
During a record breaking heatwave.
When the house has no power.

Not that moving in July during a record-setting-heat-wave when the house was air-conditioning-less wasn't a brilliant way to spend a week, I just feel the need to keep all that fun for myself and spare you.
Chinese take-out eaten picnic-style on the floor
because you've already moved the table and chairs
might be the best perk of moving

In addition to the joy of having the unique sensation where you're carrying boxes of books upstairs and everything including one's knees, eyelids, and ears sweating, moving in July did have its moments.
The highlights or moving included the opportunity to defy the laws of physics that theoretically govern our planet, by having the amount of stuff (stuff = books) that fit quite fine in a technically two-bedroom-apartment somehow cover every surface in a practically four-story-house. It was honestly impressive to see. Apparently when you box things up they start taking on characteristics of tribbles and you are quickly overrun (although with less cute squeaks and fuzziness).
So much stuff.
Every (much-bigger-than-the-apartment) room in the house looked like this.
So much stuff.

The main upside to moving though is going through all the boxes and piles of stuff that tend to sit undisturbed in the back and bottom of closets and the like. Although unpacking is also not the most enjoyable task ever invented, the chance to sort through my things and toss out at least two entire trash-bag of old syllabuses  -syllabuss? -syllabi? was quite satisfying. Sorting through my absurd amounts of papers from school also left me grateful that so much of my class-time was spent passing notes. Because notes regarding classmates, poems about our teachers, and pictures involving giraffes and potatoes are much more entertaining to re-read than the notes I was suppose to be taking in class. (Though I did take quite a few of those I'll have you know).
A couple of the highlights from the archaeological dig through old school papers were from my box of college application junk, brochures, essays, and lists:
 "Do they have any dancing monkeys?"
I think that was high-school-me-saying-I-was-sick-of-college-applications.
Or perhaps I just had more awesome college criteria
that I latter gave up on and forgot about.

And I leave you with this nugget of wit from the back of my Modern German History notebook, where it appears I started practicing the alphabet and then took to doodling Arabic 101 puns instead:
Plus one last warning to avoid pin cushions, nacho cheese, and moving in July.

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  1. I just discovered this section of the interwebs! Huzzah. And I just can't tell you how happy your tribble reference made me. Here is to never moving in (or into in our case) a record setting heatwave again.