Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Out of Gas

A few weeks ago my best-ever-big-bro ran out of gas and I came to his rescue then made a bit of fun of him. As is my right as a lil-sister. However, it appears the gas-tank-karma-gods thought it would be funny to use this as a learning opportunity.
So this morning when I left in-the-middle-of-the-freakin-night to get to Starbucks for my 4:30am shift I knew I didn't have much gas. But driving a Prius has given me the bad habit of not taking my gas light overly serious.  And I would like to point out in my defense that the flashing-wah-wah-mildly-low-add-fuel-light and the no-seriously-no-gas-panic-time-sputter-sputter-stop-light look identical. Less than a mile from work my car sputtered and stopped. A very exciting development at 4:30-in-the-freakin-morning. Thankfully I had my boss' number and she got me and now my car is properly full of fuel and happy again. 
I feel like this post should end with some insight about my life, or feeling like I'm running on empty, or the fact that it turns out you can't run on empty, or some such thing. But insights are not the strong suite of those who woke up before four. Instead I leave you with a quote from the Out of Gas Firefly episode:
 Zoe: You paid money for this, sir? On purpose? 
 Mal: Let me show you the rest. And-and try to see past what she is and onto what she can be. 
Zoe: What is that, sir?
Mal: Freedom is what.
Zoe: I meant what is that?
Mal: Oh, yeah, just step around that. I think something must have been living in here.

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