Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Posting a Post

It's been forever (or honestly just too long for me to be pleased) since I actually finished and posted a blog post.
I could say it's because I work two jobs and have had too many 4:30-freaking-am shifts, but to be honest once more it probably has more to do with the fact that every time I sit down at my laptop I end up watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix instead of opening up Blogger with an ounce of focus. On a related note I adore and may be mildly obsessed with How I Met Your Mother now. (Having watched six and a half seasons in let's-be-generous-and-round-up-to-a-month-and-a-half is the main symptom of my new obsession). Speaking of symptoms, I'm typing on my phone from the doctors office while waiting for her to come see me and not make me too late for work. Being on my phone is my excuse for both the point-less-rambling-nature of this and for any auto-correct-to-a-completely-illogical-word typos that I miss. I'm at the doctor's because I've got a nasty cough, and when I have nasty coughs they have a tendency to make themselves at home in my lungs. Nonetheless I feel like a whimp for going to a doctor for a cold. But I also feel like a wimp when I ask the doctor for migraine meds, so maybe it has more to do with my view of myself and the role of doctors. If your not dying why go to a doctor?

Although as The Book Thief points out on the first page: "Here's a small fact - You are going to die."

So perhaps going to the doctor is not so bad. And I will most certainly write a whole post on The Book Thief, cause its amazing. Here's to hoping it won't be two months before I post it!

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