Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Avengers Assemble

Lucky Star stealing a kiss from Hawkeye over there

The Eye Cinema next to the G Hotel in Galway (that block is like something out of sesame street) offers 4 euro tickets every Tuesday. Therefore the first Tuesday that we could my super-great-Irish-house-mate-Helen and the equally awesome Monique and Star and I met up at the Eye Cinema to see Avengers. For no reason that any of us could understand Avengers was released a week earlier in Ireland and the UK than it did in America. (NaNaBooBooo :P ) I was quite excited to see it four days before it even opened back home. I was also excited because I managed to get to the theater unharmed, as opposed to last time - when we went to see Cabin in the Woods. Turns out one should not run up an escalator even if the movie already started, cause tripping and hitting one's shin that hard on those very-pointy-and-painful-escalator-steps hurts like the dickens. It is much more enjoyable to watch the beginnings of films without the clear sensation of a bruise forming on your shin. Between the cheap ticket, the lack of fresh bruises, and the fact it was the freaking Avengers with feking Joss Weadon directing, I was so trilled that even our slightly-too-close-to-the-screen-seats didn't particularly bother me.
In preparation the week before I watched Captain America with Helen and some friends and Iron Man with Monique and Star, cause none of my friends had seen any of them cause they don't watch enough super-hero-movies. I was the only one in our group who had seen all the not-really-prequel-films-about-the-avengers-that-happened-before-this-one, so it was cool to see that the girls followed along and enjoyed Avengers just as well without the full back-story for everyone. I really really really really really liked Avengers as you might have been able to guess. Joss is brilliant at characters so even in a big summer blockbuster where aliens and shiny explosions knock down a good chunk of New York, the character's relationships and witty lines are the best part. And also those arms. I can't even decide which of those guys has the best arms. They are all so pretty. Swoon. The only disappoint was that the extra-post-credits-scene was only shown in America, so we got the one extra scene and then credits then we chattered happily about how good the movies was then the credits ended and the lights came on and that was it. Why would you give the film early and then take away the bonus scene just cause we live over on a very-rainy-island? That's not very nice. Although on the plus side it means I have an excuse to go see it again in America. And then I can sit around overflowing with anticipation of the next Iron Man and Captain America and then another Avengers!!
Monique, Helen, Star and the wonderful Avengers
 (wait they're not wonderful, they're mighty? amazing?
incredible? nope that's the hulk...
I don't remember what Avengers are when they get an adjective)

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