Monday, April 30, 2012

Tea and Parsnip Cake

In honor of my roomie Andi's last night here in Galway she had a little tea party with a bunch of the study -broad girls. Since my housemates have been whipping up some amazing meals recently I figured it was my turn to try my hand in the kitchen. I made Parsnip Cake, it turned out pretty amazing so I was quite excited. Tea and biscuits plus parsnip cake and some great girls (with a little Jenna Marble and youtube lessons on Grinding for entertainment) made for a grand night.

I've tried a few of the other recipes posted on the Sorted youtube channel and they've all been amazing.
Until I came to Ireland I'm not sure I had ever actually tried parsnips in anything. My only frame of reference for them was frozen-parsnip-fingers-hanging-worthless-in-John-Crowe-Ransom-poems. Over here though parsnips are really really cheap and often bundled in carrots at our beloved Aldi so I've eaten a handful of them, normally just thrown in with other veggies in pasta. Turns out mixed into cake with yummy-and-way-easier-than-I-knew-it-was-to-make-home-made-cream-cheese-frosting is the best way to have parsnips though. I highly recommend it.
I will very much miss my wonderful roommate and it'll be great to see her back in the states at some point this summer!

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