Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Last time I visited Dublin with Jamie and Jessie it went Therefore I returned to Dublin visit with my brothers and sis-in-law and all on Friday the 13th, a day known for it's luck-y-ness right? No? oh... dear me.

Regardless, after my day of rest on I got up early on Friday and took the GoBus back to Dublin were I met up with everyone at the hotel. We got some fish and chips for lunch and headed to Trinity College to see the space-alien-sphere and the Book of Kells. We stopped along the way at the General Post Office where the 1916 Easter uprising started.

The Book of Kells s quite impressive and it makes me wish I had handwriting that nice.  I've decided that if I could just move in a back corner of Old Library to live, I would be quite content for the rest of my life. So many rows of gorgeous books! And beautiful  arched ceilings! And slidy-beauty-and-the-beast-library-ladders! And spiral staircases!!!  On top of all that amazingness there was even a book on display from the 1600s with a picture of a Viceroy Tulip that pretty much made my day. (Yay for Fault in Our Stars!)

We all headed back to the hotel for a bit and I joined the jet-lagged-folks for a nap. Then we plotted for a bit with our maps and guide books and headed out for dinner at The Quays near Temple Bar. It was delicious and did not give me food poisoning so that's a step up from last time I was in Dublin. This Friday the 13th turned out to not be unlucky at all. *sigh of relief*
Very very excited about my visitors 

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