Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lovely day for a Guinness

After snoozing through the first attempts of the alarm, we all got up and grabbed some tasty muffins on our way to Marian Square to see the statue of Oscar Wilde, the cherry blossoms are in bloom and while it's not as pretty as DC it was a nice sight to see. From there we wandered down to the National Library of Ireland where we used their genealogy resources to look up a bit more about the McCormacks from Limerick. We wandered through St Sephen's Green (and my favorite sis-in-law chased some pigeons) on our way to St Patrick's, which turned out to be worth the 5er it cost to go in, because the tour-guide-girl was really interesting - the cathedral has tons of history and Jonathan Swift seems like a very hard guy to figure out, lots of good stories about him.

 After lunch we went to the Guinness Storehouse, it was fun to do the tour again with my big-bro-who-knows-about-beer-and-brews-some-too. It was another bright sunny day so the view from the Gravity Bar at the top was great. (Two sunny days in a row, fingers crossed this keeps up) To reduce the pain of the blistered feet, we took a taxi to Temple Bar and got all sorts of great advice about places to visit after joking with us that we shouldn't chase the pigeons. For dinner we got Boxty at Gallagher's (also near Temple Bar) it was really tasty. Boxty is an Irish version of something-like-potato-pancakes. But they are more pancakey and taste less potatoy than one would think. The five of us split a corn beef and cabbage one, a chicken one, and a lamb one, cause the big potato pancakes are basically folded over tasty fillings. It was quite yummy. The Guinness ads were right -- it was a lovely day all around.  

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