Monday, April 9, 2012


We left Florence around midnight on Saturday. After a long night of traveling, with 3 trains, a little too much time in Pisa's station, a pickpocket-attempt involving dirty socks, a couple of movies on my laptop, not much sleep, and a lot of giggles we arrived in Turin. The Grove City girls here have an adorably Italian apartment with 100 year old wardrobes, chandlers, very tall ceilings, and tiger-print-blankets to boot. It is quite exciting to visit them. Last night we went out to Superga -- a beautiful hilltop with an amazing view of the city. We took the last bus of the night up the windy-road; but walking back down was completely worth it since we arrived right at sunset and enjoyed our Easter-dinner-picnic while watching the sun settle behind the mountains.

Today we started off with a great spread of food for breakfast then headed out to see some of the city. Of course there was more gelato -- because a day in Italia is not complete without trying a new flavor or two. We got to see a beautiful church and chat with a nun (who has a nephew in Canada and a niece who married an Irishman) as well as buy some snazzy earrings from some street vendors (who were really nice and from Argentina). Since Turin is the birthplace of Nutella we got Bicerin which is an amazing drink with Nutella on the bottom under coffee and a bit of foamed milk on top. We got think Italian hot chocolate and zabaione as well, all of them were rich and delicious. For dinner we had a bunch of kinds of marvelous pizza, my favorite was pear and gorgonzola pizza, crazy but pretty much unbeatable.