Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Star's face is cause she is in the middle of
Looking for Alaska, Monique's is cause
 we've been traveling a lot. a lot a lot. 

The five of us spent one last night in in mega-bed. Then we had a wonderful breakfast with our splendid hosts Wednesday morning. It was quite sad to leave them (and Italy as a whole as well.) We packed up all our stuff (plus a handful of new scarves) and hit the road around 12:20. We walked briskly, but not full-on-panicked-ly to the metro and then took that to the Turino train station, Porto Nouvo. Having mastered the ticket machine in Rome we quickly purchased our ticket and were able to board at the very closest platform (karma was trying to make up for Rome).

On our first train from Turin to Milan, the Italian girl across the aisle from us was being bugged by two gypsies and it turns out they stole her wallet and all out of her purse which really sucked. But I have to say that the half a dozen guys who jumped up to defend her pretty much made my day, the guys also helped her out when she realized she was robbed. It was really nice to see them help her out. I had a slight run-in with a meany-pants-train-ticket-guy who charged me for having my feet on the seat across from me, just because he could (sticky out tongue face)

 After our little adventures on the train, we arrived at the epicy-train-station-looking-Milan-train-station. (Some train stations don't look like epic train station, this one does, it's a thing I like about it). Our second train ride was a little shorter and we arrived in Bergamo with plenty of time to spare. The Milan-Bergamo Airport is not actually in Milan or Bergamo (yay cheap ryanair flights!) so from the random little Italian city of Bergamo we caught a bus from there to the actual airport. I broke all sorts of precedent by arriving at the airport with loads and loads of time to spare. So early the passport guys wouldn't let us through for a few more hours. Monique, Star, and I occupied ourselves with photo shoots by the cool walls and I got a wonderful Italian Easter egg with a necklace as my prize inside. In large part because of the trains we had so much time at the airport we not only got to meander instead of hurry, but we also watched Up.

The flight to Dublin was smooth. At the airport all three of us got Snickers as a late-night-snaky-dinner-thing, because Snicker's marketing is just that good. Then we finally boarded the last leg of our trip and took the Go Bus home to Galway. All in all it was at least 14 hours of traveling. After all the traveling and the nodding off with my neck at funky angles, sleeping in my own bed was a welcome treat.

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