Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blogging from a bus

Both GoBus and CityLink have direct Galway to Dublin routes, complete with not only bathrooms, but also free wifi, what more could a traveler need?
So although today is not done yet, I'm going to post, cause I find it pretty cool that I can connect to the inter-webs while rolling down the road at some-amount-of-kilometers-an-hour. And it's the 15th so I've officially Blogged-Half-The-Month-of-April! Yay for BEDA milestones.

Today we started out with a full Irish breakfast,
my dear sis-in-law was the biggest fan of the black pudding of the group. Honestly I wasn't a fan of black pudding the first time I had it, but now it's honestly grown on me and I like it. I still firmly believe it should have a name relating to sausage and in no way relating to pudding since it is as far from the wonderful snack-that-comes-in-a-cup-and-gets-packed-in-your-lunch as you can be. If you don't know what black pudding is, you should try it before you find out, trust me on that one.

We took the tram down to Phoenix Park and rented bikes. Not only is the park 350 years old and really large, but the houses of the President and Prime Minister of Ireland are both there, along with the American Ambassador --a job that looks pretty sweet. Plus there are lots and lots of wild dear, although they don't bow to you like Nara Park in Japan. But perhaps they do something equally as awesome but Irishly, like drink or play hurling.

Then we walked down to the Old Jameson Distillery for a tour there. Having a different tour guide meant it was slightly different than last time, and it was fun even as a repeat. After Jameson we took the Luas (aka bus/trams) back to the hotel to grab our bags, we got some snacks, and caught the bus across the country to Galway where we'll be arriving in about an hour. It's nice and sunny again which is awesome. The only rain we've really gotten was while we were biking, not the best timing especially since the sun popped right back out when we were done biking and heading inside, it's part of the adventure of traveling in Ireland though so we'll take whatever sunshine we can get.

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