Saturday, April 7, 2012

Firenze Day Two

*side note* A few of my friends and a handful of the You Tubers I love do BEDA (= Blog Every Day in April). This year I’m traveling and then will have visitors for the majority of April. Kind of a good reason to skip BEDA, but on the other hand it’s also the type of month I’ll want a record of, so I’m blogging everyday-ish in April. The internet is not always available, but I’ll post all the days eventually. For example, this post I typed up on the train north from Florence late Saturday night.
Best ever place to read, and Song of Myself makes me want to re-read Papertowns 
Saturday morning we made a pretty epic breakfast of sausage-egg-potato-cheese-wonderful-ness and we watched Shawshank Redemption, since that’s another one of those movies-with-tons-of-references-to-it that you should watch cause it is indeed really well made. I very much enjoyed both the food and the film.  While we watched the movie Star put my hair into an impressive braided-do, which reminds me of the girls Leonardo Da Vinci sketched. There had been a plan to try to rent Segways possibly, but the rain deterred those plans. It was still a great day though and the break from walking, standing, and climbing stairs all day was a welcome and needed rest.

Star, Monique, and I went and met up with a couple of other Grove-City-study-aboarders, then we got our train tickets and we found fresh-baked-still-warm loafs of bread for our sandwiches. The sun showed back up, so we got a nice sunset and the chance to enjoy the roof some more. It is a wonderful place for reading, hanging out, and debating life, the universe, and everything. I costs about 20 euro less to take a really early train from Pisa to get to Turin, but that involves taking an even earlier train from Florence to Turin -- less than ideal, but all part of the adventure of traveling. This time we didn’t need to even jog to catch our train and we were able to board with plenty of time at a leisurely pace. It’s mildly odd to arrive at a train without being sweaty and out of breath. Train sleep is not the best, but it’s not the worst either and in the morning we arrive in Turin to visit Katie, Emily, Bekah, and Hannah which will be super fun. Ciao Firenze!  

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