Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Day, Bad Weather

After the Aran Islands with Jamie and Jessie, it seems like a fun trip to go on with my family guests as well. The forecast for the entire week was heavy storms, but we decided to chance it. The weather got the best of us in that wager. It started out with extremely choppy water all the way over. On the ferry to Inis Mor we confirmed that McCormack-genes do not come with sailor-stomachs standard issued.  Having already taken my turn with puking on the ship, I braced myself by the railing with the sea spray while everyone else fought or gave into the puking. At least the little boy sitting behind us enjoyed the ups-and-downs-and-side-to-sides with glee-full-giggles and happy little squeals.

Once we arrived on the island we decided to ditch our rent-bikes-plan in favor of a anything-warmer-plan. The selling point was most definitely  "blankets" followed at some point by "same price as bikes" for rides in horse carts. It was more fun than the van tours and it was much warmer than biking. Not that it was actually warm, don't get me wrong. The bursts of rain and sleet kept us only slightly above freezing. Although we discovered that tying a scarf over your hat babuska/ Jacob-Marley-style helps both to keep it on your head and keeps your ears slightly warmer and less hail filled. We got a few moments of sunshine though! After seeing the pre-historic-fort-on-the-cliffs we stopped by the little-old-lady-who-knits-awesome-stuff-and-sold-a-sweater-to-Steven-Spielberg and got beautiful, warm, gloves so we didn't lose any fingers to frostbite. We shivered and laughed most of the way back. Some Charcoal Grill for dinner in Galway was a great ending for the day. Despite the terrible-awful-no-good-weather, it was a good day making some great memories.

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