Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oysters of awesomeness

At the Museum Cafe with cake and salad, a well balanced meal.  
We started out the day by getting breakfast at Griffins Cafe and it was delicious. This was a theme for the day, food which was delicious. Sadly the hard-core-Ireland-cough-germs started to get the best of my lil-bro and my dad so they headed back to the hotel to rest up, while my big-bro and sis-in-law and I headed back to the Galway Museum since it was not Monday and therefore it was open. We checked out the exhibits and then got super-duper-delicious snacks from the Kitchen Cafe downstairs of the museum.

The plan of heading down to the cliffs of Moher was postponed from Wednesday to Thursday, due to the extreme-coughing-and-being-sick. Instead we took Bus Eireann from Galway to the little town of Clarinbridge for dinner. Clarinbridge has an Oyster Festival every September, because their oysters are just that great.  Moran's on the Weir looked pretty amazing from reviews and all online (plus it comes with my Irish housemate's enthusiastic stamp of approval) and it was just as good as the hype would suggest. Although it was a little hard to get to -- 20 min bus and then taxi/40 min walk, it was worth it. In addition to the dinner-time-entertainment of the little-irish-boy who ran over to the lobster tank when he was let down from his highchair and squealed "spiders! water spiders!", we also ate lots of delicious food.

We split a couple of delicious appetizers and then a dozen oysters, which were so delicious that we then ordered half-a-dozen more oysters ... and some clams (which were also delicious). --For this post I've very much given up on finding synonyms and resigned myself to using delicious an absurd number of times, because it was either that or sound like the "Truly Scrumptious" song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.-- So to that end: the desserts we got were also super delicious.  My dear-sis-in-law and I had a giggle fit when my big-bro tried to say something to us while we both simultaneously scraped up spoonfuls of whipped cream like little gluttons, very happy little gluttons with lots of delicious food. Even though more oysters always  sounds like a good idea, we were in fact full by that time so we headed back to the bus stop, but our taxi driver offered to just drive us all the way back into Galway for basically the same price which worked out quite well. The night was a wonderful success and the oysters were very much enjoyed, because they were ... delicious.  

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