Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Market

Before leaving home for Ireland I was told to try the fresh doughnuts from Saturday Market in Galway. It was truly wonderful advice. Dan-the-doughnut-man makes the doughnuts right there in front of you when you order them. One is only 70cents, but honestly who has the self control to buy only one single doughnut when you can buy 6 for 3.50?
Most weekends we have the three of us: Star, Monique, and I -- so half a dozen doughnuts splits quite nicely. The fresh-made-dipped-in-sugar-and-sprinkled-with-cinnamon warm wonderfulness can't be beat. Our weekly visits to Dan-the-doughnut-man are the motivator that gets us out of bed on the weekends. St Nick's Saturday market is also full of other handmade-goodness such as jewelry and kitchen supplies, plus there's fresh produce and seafood. But who needs those when you've got doughnuts from Dan?

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  1. Dan the doughnut man! That's too perfect. :)