Thursday, August 23, 2012

Catch 23

Twenty-three years old somehow sounds way older than twenty-two for me. This mental category of 23 being grown-up and 22 being not-quite-really-grown-up led to a mostly-minor-mini-freak-out a couple of weeks ago. Lucky for me I have wonderful people who listen to me and point out that really what I need is a depth breath, a good night's sleep, and/or a cup of tea. Because then world will look better and if it doesn't then at least you are well-rested and sipping hot tea. There was also a wonderful waitress with her words of encouragement being "Aww cheer up girly it's never that bad, you can smile."

So my ack-eek-grr-argh-but-i'm-not-a-real-grown-up-and-i-don't-know-how-to-be-phase passed relatively quickly and I remembered that I actually really like my life.  Although my stomach flips and I question myself as I attempt to type up resumes, I think that doing what-seems-best-for-now and not what-will-result-in-a-successful-theoretical-future is a pretty solid plan. There is nothing wrong with planning a few steps ahead. It is just that life mostly ignores the planned progression of those steps. Which is a large part of why I've tended to do what seems right for the moment: my major in college, my choice of colleges, my jobs have never been chosen to get to a far-reaching-goal, they were just right at the time.

And so far it all works out swimmingly. Last week I was significantly and pleasantly surprised to go from emailing my resume, to a phone interview, to a real interview, and a new job really quickly. Therefore I was lucky enough to start out my 23rd year with a grown-up-style-job. I'm Habitat for Humanity of Montgomery County's new Faith Outreach Coordinator. Ta-da! I'm grown-up-ish! It's super exciting and a really great gig for me. Complete with grown up desk (as you can see the to left, isn't it pretty?)

In no way do I think a job is what gives you value as a grown-up or any other way though. Hence why I have one job that pays nothing-worth-bragging-about and another that involves dealing with caffeine-deficient-customers. But I'm very stoked about working with Habitat. It is really exciting. Really really exciting. I will keep you posted on awesomeness in that department. Until then I will leave you with this quote from Gandhi on the office white-board, cause you can't go wrong with Gandhi.

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  1. Awesomesauce! Habitat for Humanity wonderfulness!