Monday, August 27, 2012

Swing-Outs, Rock-Steps, and All that Jazz

I spent this weekend at the International Lindy Hop Championships, watching super-fantastically-mind-blowingly-superb dancers compete and joining in the social dances for a bit of Lindy-hopping myself. These guys and dolls dance like they are weightless and just use their feet for fun. Super amazing to see. The crowd radiated excitement and all the leads and bands were ridiculously fun. Dancers came from all over the States and about a dozen other countries, so I felt pretty spoiled with ILHC right here in DC so we could drive back and forth. Because even with DC traffic we were much closer than Huston, Seattle, LA, France, Korea, or Sweden. (Sweden makes the most fantabulous swing dancers in addition to the best meatballs and flat-furniture.) Check out the videos, be inspired, and come dancing with me.

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