Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shelley and Excitement

Actually happening ... really soon...wait really? Yup really ^_^ like next week ...woah...really? ...are you sure?

That's a little how my brain goes whenever I think about Ireland this week.  It still has not actually sunk in that I will be in Galway next week. Next week!

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited -seriously excited.  But it just still seems mostly unreal.  If I won the lottery I would travel, there wouldn't need to be any thought put into it, that's what I would do, with friends.  So while I haven't won the lottery and I have accepted the fact this little adventure may well leave me totally broke at the beginning of next summer.  It's exciting, a little like winning the lottery exciting (as well as slightly unreal still).

I'm getting closer to being ready to go.  I think I have everything I need now and I just need to pack and clean up my room.  I have actually started packing already!  (And if you know me well, you know that this is an impressive feat for me.  Seriously.  I didn't pack anything for Freshman year of college 9.5 hours away until after midnight the night before I left, luckily I had awesome friends there to help me.)

So far I have started packing clothes and sheets and towels (really the single most important thing to bring while traveling, cause you could survive with just a towel, although a hitchhikers guide would come in handy).  And it looks like I should be about to fit everything in one suitcase.(happy dance)

For Christmas from my family peeps I got a snazzy new netbook laptop.  It is super awesome and weighs less than half of what my MacBook weighed.  Plus it has not become my arch enemy by crashing the hard drive and deleting twelve hours of work on my senior thesis the night before it is due, so far my little netbook, Shelley, is still on my good side so let's hope it stays that way.  And I also hope to avoid the whirring-hissing-almost-gasping-for-breath-noise that my macbook was becoming increasingly fond of, cause that didn't seem too healthy.  So instead of the nemesis-macbook I'm taking my new tiny Shelley with me to Ireland so I can blog and post tons of pictures!


  1. You? post pictures??? I'll believe it when I see it...

  2. hey! it happens every once in a great while :P

  3. EEEeeee :) :) :) yeah I'm with Kathleen, you never post pics :P