Thursday, January 5, 2012

Center / Centre

I love when you are traveling is when time is measured just as well by place as by day. For example today I finally got to showered for the first time since Maryland and it was super-duper exciting. Then I headed  to meet up with Star and her roomies at the Galway Shopping Centre.  (Why do they spell wrong over here? Regardless of the fact I basically have the spelling skills of a second grader, I do not approve of their silly-R-before-E-when-they-should-be-the-other-way-ways.)

Anyway, I didn't bring my handy map of Galway with me, which was not the most wisest of choices.  I walked in the general correct direction and only walked about a block too far before I figured I had, you know, walked too far.  (Credit to my gypsy-nose and all)  So I double backed just a bit and then figured out that I was one street over from the shopping center (see that is how that word is spell in real life).  So I was not particularly lost, just a little bit off of where I was trying to be.  So I met Star and her roomie at Penny's (which is a lot like H&M or something like that, mostly a clothes store).
Ice Cream! And new cell phones!

We checked out a couple of different cell phone plans and they got the cheapest ones we could find.  Then we got ice cream, because ice cream is awesome. (Plus they have the wonderful tiny-square-spoons-for-ice-cream like they do in Italy so that made me very happy)
Star's roommate

The stores over here are slightly different, for example the highlight of yesterday's shopping trip was was we left the store and stepped out into the pouring rain Star stopped and shouted and phrase-which-is-not-camp-appropriate -- because she had forgotten her loaf of bread... upstairs in the store... where we had just bought sheets and blankets. This does make more sense when you know that the grocery store was connected to/part of the same store as the bed-sheets and all, and the fact that bags cost money so we fit all three of our stuff into two bags and the bread didn't fit.  Regardless of the logical explanation though, it was wonderful.
You have no idea how proud we are that we
 can properly pronounce this now ^_^

It was actually sunny today!  For the first time since we got here! It was very nice and much warmer. We went back to Star's place and hung out for a bit before they went to dinner with their program.
Me and a sunset, cause it was sunny!

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