Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In Galway

I'm in Galway!  Actually really here! Now!
Today started yesterday and it has been quite a long day.
We were supposed to fly from BWI to Newark and from Newark to Shannon. There were high winds though...so the adventure began!
I got to the airport was checked-in (but was not allowed to check my bags, because they would most likely not make it).  And they sent us to the AmTrak station by the airport.  And I got there and got my ticket for the train, right before it arrived.   We took the train up to Newark, which was very fun ^_^ And taking a train, meant I could still use my phone (which was fun, since I wouldn't have been able to on a plane)
We arrived in Newark and took the tram to the terminal.  Checked our bags, got a snack, and got to our gate right as they started boarding.  Our flight was short, especially because the strong winds got us here 40 mins early!
We took the bus to Galway and got to see some of the beautiful Irish country side. After resting a bit we went out and explored a bit.  Galway is so pretty! We got to see the beautiful cathedral and the university.  We got some soup for dinner at Garvey's Pub and watched some silly tv with my awesome new Irish roomies in order to stay awake for a while to help with the jet lag.  I'm very sleepy so Im hoping that this makes sense anyway.  Tomorrow will have pictures, I promise.


  1. yay, glad you got there safe. (fist night of blues dancing was awesome, its going to be your next favorite dance)

  2. Safe and sound ^_^ and blues dancing sounds great, I'm going to miss swing a ton