Tuesday, January 3, 2012

May the wind be at your back

Sleep is a wonderful thing ^_^  We stayed up until about 1am (here-time) watching tv and movies and hanging out with my new roommates.  By then we had been up for a really long time.  I had napped some since the plane ride left me with a terrible headache, but it was still a really long time since Sunday night.  But thirteen hours of sleep helps a ton.
St. Brendan's Ave, from my front door
So once we actually got up, we took a taxi over to Stars and meet her roommates.  Her place is just up the road about ten mins and it is awesome looking. I meet a couple of her housemates and then Star and I and her roomie went for food and shopping.  We were mildly confused by the grocery store, but we were successful and got some goodies and necessities like blankets and all. Without spending too much (though we are all still in the habit of saying dollars-oh-wait-euros or it's five-bucks-oops-i-mean-euros)
And the cars all drive on the wrong side!! You go to cross the street and they come from the nowhere! And by nowhere I mean the right...
The radio on the bus here yesterday was talking about the "gale-force winds" (that and the GOP in Iowa which doesn't seem like it would be of too much interest over here, but is appears it is). And today I got to do quite a bit of walking around in those wonderful high winds (along with a great deal of the lovely Irish rain).  Though as star said, "a rainy day is Ireland is still better than a rainy day at home".  The wind was seriously-nearly-strong-enough-to-feel-like-it-is-honestly-going-to-knock-you-over-strong today.  Which means when you are walking with it at your back it is significantly easier than when it is hitting you in the face with rain.  So that bit in the Irish Blessing makes more sense.
I walked back from Star's tonight in the crazy wind and rain.  I only took one slight, mostly-unintended, detour and besides that I found my way just fine ^_^
Now I'm watching PS I Love You with my roomies and their friends who are visiting.  Ireland, Gerard Butler, and James Marsters in one movie, what more could you need? Plus Nutella = wonderful night...in Ireland!

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  1. I will now always think of this when I hear the Irish Blessing